"Oh My God!! It's Gone"

I think it's safe to say that we have been open for a little while. 5 months is a decent amount of time to have seen established patterns in a business - at least when it comes to customer experiences. One of the most frequent things that we have noticed in this time is the amount of customers that have come back for a piece and we literally hear "Oh My God!! It's gone." Be it a small piece of beautiful cut glass, a piece of wall decor, or a large piece of furniture the inevitable question Mike and I get next is, "Please tell me you just moved it?"

Unfortunately, this usually isn't the case. We really have sold the piece that you loved and we feel terrible that you've come back for it and it's not here. Many of the pieces that come into our store are one of a kind, rare, or custom pieces. We see people debate over an item and struggle with whether or not they should buy them. Mike and I never want to come off as those sleezy car salesmen that really only want to sell something to make a comission and get the sale. We have struggled with trying to encourage people to purchase a piece because we don't want to come off this way.

When they are custom pieces that Mike and I have created we can always try to make you something similar. It won't necessarily be exactly the same but it will be similar. However, there is nothing that we can do about the furniture pieces or small items that walk through our doors. So as owners, we debate? Do we encourage you to buy a piece bordering on being salesperson-ish? Or do we let you find out the hard way?

We would prefer to have you come back to our shop and be happy!! Not only because you enjoy our shop but because you've found something you absolutely love and can't live without having in your life. So this, my friends, is our official announcement to you - In the words of Beyonce:

Buy It!!! Put a layaway deposit on it. Make sure you get to keep that piece for yourself. You'll thank us later.

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