These are a Few of My Favorite Things

There are many things about running a business that become frustrations or struggles that I didn't anticipate. I forget to grab the cookies for the weekend or forget to bring the sign back inside as I'm leaving. But aren't those little frustrations truly a part of every day life? Those little annoyances have not and can not compare to the extreme pleasures that I have come to find that I was never even anticipating.

Today I had the pleasure of helping a client, Laurie, brainstorm about ways to make one of the furniture pieces in our store into a one of a kind piece. Laurie was looking for a piece to turn into a bathroom vanity for her guest bathroom. She had her measurements and an idea and found a piece here in our store that she thought would work. Mike and I talked with her at length, took extra measurements, did some searches online, and determined that her idea of taking the dresser below and turning it into a bathroom vanity could actually become a reality. Laurie plans on taking the vanity and putting a beautiful vessel sink on the top. We are sure that once this is complete is is going to be a stunning, unique, custom piece that will look perfect in her home that is going to achieve the exact look she's aiming for! We can't wait until she sends us pictures of the completed project to share them with you all.

Another experience that I absolutely enjoy about being an antiques business located on historic Route 66 is the amount of travelers that I get to meet and greet on a constant basis. I spoke with Pat Smith, Director of the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum and they see 45,000 visitors annually pass through the museum with approximately 15,000 being international visitors. She told me that number increases every year. In the few weeks that we have been open here at Two Hounds we have seen travelers from all over the country as well as international travelers.

Here at Two Hounds we have a Guest Book for people to sign when they come in and visit. You can tell us about your visit, what you think of the store, where you're from, and wish us well. We have seen people from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. We have also gotten to meet several international travelers; our book has well wishes from Ontario, New Zealand, and Johannesburgh, South Africa. It's always exciting to hear their stories of how they are traveling Route 66, where they started, where they are stopping, and why they are traveling "The Mother Road." Some of these people stop and take pictures in front of our window with the gas pumps and our car display. Other couples ask to take photos with Mike or myself so that they can remember us from their travels. I enjoy getting to be a part of their story and their experience.

If you asked me what I like about being a part of this store and our town there a plenty of things. But the examples I just gave are truly some of my favorite things. Getting to work with people and experience new things, that is what makes me love what we're doing in our new venture. We hope that every day, any time you come into our shop you see the love and passion that we put into what we do at Two Hounds.

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