Two Hounds Antiques is run by husband and wife team, Mike and Jamie Donovan. Their interest in antiques started approximately 12 years ago when they first started dating. Finding very few "date night" ideas in western Illinois where Jamie was going to college they passed their time going to antique stores. Little did they know that it would lead to a mutual passion.  


In 2011 they started attending auctions and estate sales together to find those rare pieces to accent their personal collections. However, they also had an interest in creating. Jamie had the concepts and the ideas while Mike had the ability and the know-how to bring life to her visions. Together, they became a real life version of every picture you'd see on Pintrest. October 2014 they finally started to sell their wares and became a Vendor in a local antique store. They couldn't have imagined the success they would find in that avenue.


This brought them to their current adventure. In May 2015 they decided to take the leap and open their own store in lovely downtown Wilmington, IL. They specialize in taking things that are vintage / antique and repurposing them into items that serve a current purpose or function or somehow making them brand new again.  Their goal is to have a collection of what's old, some new, and every bit of unique while keeping prices respectable and providing a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for shoppers.


So why Two Hounds? Mike and Jamie are lovers of beagles​ and have had several of them throughout the course of their time together. Their current beagles are Annie and Cooper. As you might have guessed, beagles are part of the hound breed of dogs. Hounds and beagles are hunters and seekers; they use their noses to search and search until they find their prey. In the same respect, Mike and Jamie do the very same thing for their clients. They will go to whatever lengths necessary to hunt out great and amazing antique, unique, repurposed, and customized home decor for the clients that come to them.



Jamie & Mike

Mike & Jamie

Cooper with Mike & Jamie

Annie May

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